Friday, 1 February 2013


Hi everyone, I probably wont be blogging too ofter from now on, as I can now be found with all of my card creations on facebook at Pittstopcards, come on over to facebook and have a browse. I have lots of cards for you to choose from. I might blog from time to time, but I have been enjoying my facebook thingy at this stage.

Cheers for now please visit my site on facebook and enjoy.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Time for cards and friends

 One of my first Christmas Card designs for 2012 it has been really popular and I have quite a few orders for this one, so I will be a busy bee.
 2nd design for Christmas 2012. I am not to sure about this one might have to modify it just a little.
 Same as number 1 with different paper.
 Last years design but it is also very popular.
Hello everyone out there in bloggerland, I have been quite busy with one thing and another, but have made some time lately to make some cards to share with friends. I hope you like them. I am been a little sick over the past few months, so the card making has been on hold, but well enough to sit at the card table now. I have one more design to share with you all, but will share that tomorrow.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Keely's Birthday Card

Morning everybody, just wanting to share with you the card for my grandaughters birthday, she turned 15 and her favourite colours are hot pink and black. I set about making this card and she loved it so I hope you all enjoy.

I promise I will get back into making a few cards, I seem to be running out of time lately, always something to do. Today I have to go up to the school, so half the day will be gone.

Anyway enjoy, and cheers from Wilma

Monday, 7 May 2012

Friends cards

Another card...I hope you like it.

Shirt card

As promised there is a couple of pics taken of the shirt card, you can use as an embellishment of cart this is the card I made.

Shirt Card

Inside the card

Day after the show

Little Shirt embellishment
Hello everyone, it is the day after the local show, and I am pleased to say that with my first entries into the show I got 2 first prizes and lots of seconds and a couple of thirds, I am soo proud. I am posting a few of the cards that I exhibited for you to enjoy. This little shirt is made as an embellishment, but you can make it bigger and open for a card for a dad or boyfriend or male Birthday, I think they are great, and you can decorate as you like to suit the person.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Hello everyone, well it is Tuesday again, I have not done alot recently, as haven't been to well of late, but starting to get there. Anyway yesterday was my hubby's birthday so I made his card, and he loved it. So I thought I would share with everyone.

Made in my favourite colours red white and a little black. Hope you like it.

I have cropped the inside message as it was a little lovely dovey, so you are only seeing some of the inside.